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A Pragmatic Outlook on Throat Cancer

A Pragmatic Outlook on Throat Cancer

Posted in: Throat Cancer by Cancer Healer

Throat cancer is a severe health trouble and having some basic knowledge about the same is essential. Read on to know some important facts about the disease.

No one really likes to discuss cancer, reasons being the odd nature of the disease and the consequences it results in if not cured. The truth, however, is that such a discussion is actually necessary. The more you know about a problem, the easier it will be for you to steer clear of it and solve it if required.

Throat cancer, that is the development of tumors on the nasopharynx or larynx, is one of the common ways cancer manifests itself on the human body. Thanks to the scientific advancements in the past few years, throat cancer treatment in India has progressed in leaps and bounds. Now there are multiple innovative therapies for the disease, depending on stage, medical history, patient’s preference and many other factors.

Essential facts about a disease should be focused on before its treatment prospects. Same is the case with throat cancer or any other type of cancer for that matter. One can definitely get throat cancer treatment in Delhi or any other city. Prevention of the disease however, holds a higher priority than cure.

The throat comprises of multiple different parts, among which larynx and pharynx are the ones that are most commonly affected by cancer.

Pharynx is a tube approximately 5 inches long, that starts behind the nose and extends till the food pipe also known as the esophagus. While pharynx is often assumed as the whole throat, it is actually just a part of it.

Another part of throat that is likely to develop a tumor is the larynx which also goes by the name “voice-box”. It is responsible for holding the vocal chords and epiglottis in place. Epiglottis is a segment of tissue that keeps the larynx closed while you are swallowing food, thus preventing the food from interfering with breathing.

Identifying the Trigger

It is the multiplication of abnormal cells that results in the formation of a tumor in the throat, causing a lump or swelling. Growth of these cells can go beyond control in the absence of medical attention.

What Increases the Risk?

Certain factors are nothing but promoters of throat cancer, which increase the chances of one being affected by the same. The most common ones among them include:

  • Heavy drinking
  • Chewing or smoking tobacco
  • Leakage of acid from stomach into the esophagus, which mostly happens in case of GERD.

Symptoms such as changes in voice, trouble while swallowing, sore throat and unusual weight loss point towards the possibility of throat cancer. At the first sign of these, the concerned person should immediately be taken for treatment.

17 Nov, 2016
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A Pragmatic Outlook on Throat


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