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Treatment Methods for Different Cancer Types

Treatment Methods for Different Cancer Types

Posted in: Cancer by Cancer Healer

Cancer is the most common disease that has affected to people from all over the world. Thankfully, with the advancement in medical sciences and commitment from researchers and doctors, advanced treatments have been developed which result in successful recoveries.

While there are several different cancer types, the few amongst them which commonly occur are:

1) Lung Cancer

2) Stomach Cancer

3) Throat Cancer

4) Breast Cancer

5) Prostate Cancer

6) Skin Cancer

7) Oral Cancer

8) Cervix Cancer

9)  Bone Cancer

10) Esophagus Cancer

All these different cancer types have certain specific symptoms, which help to detect and treat them successfully. It depends on the stage and size of the tumor, which helps a doctor to advance to specific treatments. One might be suggested to undergo a surgery or radiation or a combination of both, type of treatment depends on patient’s condition. But, there are few treatments which are more preferred over others for specific cancer types.

Let’s know about common types of cancer treatments and their preferences-

Surgery – Treatment that involves taking out a part or whole of the tumor out from the body, early stage treatment, to reduce or remove the tumor, combined with different treatments.

Preferred for – early stage of cancer.

Chemotherapy - The treatment has a popular short name- chemo. Drugs of specific kinds are used to kill the cancer cells. Along with radiation, it is at times used to shrink the size of the tumor.

Preferred for – Breast cancer, Lung cancer.

Radiation - Cancer cells present in the body are exposed to radiation that kills the cancer cells or shrinks the size of the tumor.

Preferred for – Prostate cancer

Immunotherapy – Treatment using immune cell response against cancer.

Preferred for – All types of cancers.

Targeted therapy – It includes the usage of drugs and medicine to detect and kill cancer cells without doing any damage to other healthy cells. This is at times the first step to knowing how cancer cells would respond to other treatments.

Preferred for -Melanoma, Lung

Stem Cell Transplant – This type of treatment is done by using bone marrow, peripheral blood, and cord blood transplants to treat cancer.

Preferred for – Leukemia.

There are other treatment options, but in most of the cases people opt out for one amongst the above-mentioned treatments. Out of these, immunotherapy is an advanced treatment that has resulted in successful remission for all cancer types and it also complements other treatments.

Let’s find out how –

• It helps to detect the cancer cells better, which helps to precisely plan and execute the therapy for cancer treatment.

• It strengthens the immune system which makes the body adapt to different treatments and prove out successful in treating cancer.

• It is one of the targeted therapies which doesn’t harm the body and can be used as the first step to treating cancer with minimum risks and side-effects.

13 Dec, 2016
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