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How Cancer treatment Has Evolved in India

How Cancer treatment Has Evolved in India

Posted in: Cancer by Cancer Healer

Cancer is one such disease which remains under constant phase of development, when it comes to cure. Read on to know some facts about the treatment of the disease.

Archaeological findings prove that the disease has been there for more than 3,200 years, as they have found evidence in form of human skeleton dating back to earlier centuries, affected by Cancer.

Treatments for the disease have rapidly advanced with the wake of 21st century and have increased the success rate for remission, which has proved to be a boon for cancer affected patients.

We agree to the fact that there’s a gap when it comes to cancer treatment in India, but the same has been revolutionized by the emerging new vale of technology in Medical Science.

Did you know?

One can find a cure for 19 different types of Cancer, for almost every stage.

Rise of Infrastructural and Technological Advancements in Healthcare Industry

The days have passed when there were shortcomings in infrastructural facilities and the hospitals as well as clinics were not equipped with advanced medical equipment.

Today from lung cancer and blood cancer(leukemia) to liver cancer and tongue cancer, and even Cervix cancer, multiple types of cancer can be successfully cured in our country.

Doctors have successfully treated patients of all age groups with various treatment types that include Chemotherapy, Surgery, Radiation therapy, Targeted therapies, Hormonal, and even Immunotherapy.

An Immunotherapy Clinic in India

Immunotherapy is a cure that involves a contemporary set of therapeutic procedures in which a person’s own Immune system, Natural Killer Cells(NKC), and Cytotoxic – T-Lymphocytes are used to kill cancer cells, i.e. – treat the tumor.

Dr. Tarang Krishna’s Cancer Healer Center is one of the pioneering center that uses immunotherapy in India.

Government’s Aid to the Needy

Under Rashtriya Arogya Nidhi(RAN), the Health Ministry has disbursed an amount of up to Rs 200000/- (Rs 500000/- for emergency) from funds, for the patients who have been diagnosed with cancer and fall below the poverty line.

Grants as high as Rs 500000/- can thus be obtained with proper procedure when required from Health Ministry of India.

The list of best cancer treatment hospitals in India is ever increasing, and our country is getting worldwide recognition for proven cancer treatments.

28 Nov, 2016
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