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Treatment Methods for Different Cancer Types

13 Dec 20160
Cancer is the most common disease that has affected to people from all over the world. Thankfully, with the advancement in medical sciences and commitment from researchers and doctors, advanced treatments have been developed which result in successful recoveries. While there are several different cancer types, the few amongst them which commonly occur are: 1) Lung Cancer 2) Stomach Cancer 3) Throat Cancer 4) Breast Cancer 5) Prostate Cancer 6) Skin Cancer 7) Oral Cancer 8) Cervix Cancer 9)  Bone Cancer 10) Esophagus Cancer All these different cancer types have certain specific symptoms, which help to detect and treat them successfully. It depends on the stage and size of the tumor, which helps a doctor to advance to specific treatments. One might be suggested to undergo a surgery or radiation or a combination of both, type of treatment depends on patient’s condition. But, there are few treatments which are more preferred over others for specific cancer types. Let’s know about common

Why Immunotherapy is a Life Changing Treatment for Cancer Patients

05 Dec 20160
Immunotherapy – the treatment of abnormal antigen cells by targeting them using a person’s immune system, by making it strong. The word itself clears the meaning and intent that it’s a treatment to cure a person by increasing the body’s capacity to fight a disease. It is the new trendy in the field of cancer treatments and has produced miraculous results where it came out as a ray of hope for cancer cure. Let’s get to know why one should choose immunotherapy for cancer treatments – 1. It Helps to Target Cancer Cells Better Cancer cells are spread across the body in the specific part where they form a tumor. These cells are detected with the help of T cells which acts as a receptor and send back an immune response. Through a strong immune system, these cells can send a potential response that cures these cells. Additionally, immunotherapy is different from other cancer treatments as it doesn’t target only the part ...

How Cancer treatment Has Evolved in India

28 Nov 20161
Cancer is one such disease which remains under constant phase of development, when it comes to cure. Read on to know some facts about the treatment of the disease. Archaeological findings prove that the disease has been there for more than 3,200 years, as they have found evidence in form of human skeleton dating back to earlier centuries, affected by Cancer. Treatments for the disease have rapidly advanced with the wake of 21st century and have increased the success rate for remission, which has proved to be a boon for cancer affected patients. We agree to the fact that there’s a gap when it comes to cancer treatment in India, but the same has been revolutionized by the emerging new vale of technology in Medical Science. Did you know? One can find a cure for 19 different types of Cancer, for almost every stage. Rise of Infrastructural and Technological Advancements in Healthcare Industry The days have passed when there were shortc...

Some Unknown Facts About Liver Cancer Treatment

23 Nov 20160
While we pray that no one ever gets affected by liver cancer, we can’t ignore the likelihood of this disease and a little knowledge about its treatment is necessary. Read on to know some basics of liver cancer treatment. Had cancer been just like a common flu, lives of both doctors and patients would have been a lot easier, but unfortunately it is not. It is one of the biggest bullies among diseases and needless to say, fatal in prolonged absence of a cure. Unlike most diseases, cancer has a tendency to develop on multiple organs of the human body, and thus is classified into different types such as stomach cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer. Fortunately, medical practitioners have come up with several innovative therapies for different types and stages of cancer today. The discussion here, is fixated on liver cancer. Recent advancements in medical science have paved the way for better methodologies for liver cancer treatment in India, Doctors in reputed hospitals can now handle almost any case of liver cancer and ar...

A Pragmatic Outlook on Throat Cancer

17 Nov 20160
Throat cancer is a severe health trouble and having some basic knowledge about the same is essential. Read on to know some important facts about the disease. No one really likes to discuss cancer, reasons being the odd nature of the disease and the consequences it results in if not cured. The truth, however, is that such a discussion is actually necessary. The more you know about a problem, the easier it will be for you to steer clear of it and solve it if required. Throat cancer, that is the development of tumors on the nasopharynx or larynx, is one of the common ways cancer manifests itself on the human body. Thanks to the scientific advancements in the past few years, throat cancer treatment in India has progressed in leaps and bounds. Now there are multiple innovative therapies for the disease, depending on stage, medical history, patient’s preference and many other factors. Essential facts about a disease should be focused on before its treatment prospects. Same is the case with throat cancer or any other type of cancer for that matter. One can definitely get

Cervical Cancer Treatment During Pregnancy

09 Nov 20160
Cervical cancer during pregnancy can create a tough situation for doctors as well as patients. The following blog elaborates on the same. Cervical cancer in pregnant women leaves them wondering whether to wait, interrupt or treat the problem right away. Medical practitioners, as a result, have been busier than ever trying to assess all the clinical guidelines and innovations in the treatment of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer during pregnancy, fortunately, is not very common. It still happens and that is, to say the least, extremely disappointing. Needless to say, all the excitement and happiness of an expecting woman is likely to get shattered when she comes to know that she has been affected by this problem. Having a suitable treatment for the same happens to be a major challenge for women as most of them desire to preserve the pregnancy. For pre-invasive or invasive carcinomas on the other hand, delaying treatment is a better option. Luckily, women can now have any type of cervical cancer treatment in India, depending on histology, disease stage and gestational age. Before ...

Keep Lung Cancer Risks at Bay

03 Nov 20160
Availability of treatment for lung cancer doesn’t imply that we can stick to a carefree lifestyle until we get affected by the same. Here is how you can prevent this disease. Even a minor health problem can wipe off the smile from our faces, be it common cold or ordinary fever. If the problem is a little more severe, dealing with it becomes a hassle. It all comes down to different kind of medications, bed rest, diet restrictions and certain injections to prevent the recurrence of the problem. Some diseases, however, are much worse, cancer being one of them. Classified into multiple types such as pancreatic cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer, this disease can prove to be fatal if not treated as soon as possible. The discussion here focuses on lung cancer. Most of us who are laymen, tend to immediately link lung cancer to smoking habit. It is definitely true that most smokers are likely to end up in lung cancer treatment centers, but assuming that they alone are at the risk of getting affected by this disease is big mistake. In fact, some statistics have revealed about half of the total lung cancer cases to involve people who haven’t smoked...

Switch to Better Foods this Diwali to Cut Lung Cancer Risks!

27 Oct 20160
A small change in food habits this Diwali can make a big difference to your health. Read on to know about some healthy foods that can cut the risk of lung cancer.   Filled with colorful lights, Diwali is definitely the most delightful festival of the year. From houses to offices, there isn’t a single place that doesn’t hold a classy party on this great occasion. For those who couldn’t care less about the origin of this festival, I would like to point out that Diwali has its roots in the Hindu epic Ramayana. When Lord Rama returned with his wife Godess Seetha and brother Lakshman to his kingdom in Ayodhya on a dark moonless night after defeating Raavan, people of Ayodhya lighted the whole territory with small lamps known as diyas to welcome them. The upcoming generations however took this celebration to a whole new level by lighting crackers like sparkles, flower pots and bombs. From a festival of lights, Diwali has been changed into a festival of noise, chaos and pollution, thanks to the people who consider blowing crackers as more of an auspicious ritual and less of an environmental hazard. If people actually knew what the smoke from crackers results in, they would think twice before burning those. Contrary to popular b...

Some New Things to Know About Liver Cancer Treatment

25 Oct 20160
With the help of medical innovations, liver cancer treatment has advanced significantly over the years. Read on to know some of the advancements. If disease had faces like living beings, the most horrible one would be that of cancer. Being diagnosed with this is disease is unfortunate indeed, but there is a bright side if the problem is spotted early on. Liver cancer, one of the common forms of this disease, is always a matter of rigorous study and research mainly due to the limited number of effective treatments for the same. Scientists are doing all what they can to find out the factors causing the same and to prevent them as far as possible. Keeping It At Bay Needless to say, the best thing to do about a problem is to cut its chances of occurence. Prevention is undoubtedly a more preferred solution than waiting till the need for a liver cancer treatment arises. According to some reputed scientists, there are certain improved treatments and vaccinations that can help avoid around half of the total number of liver cancer cases. Researchers are making constant attempts to figure out more advanced treatments for hepatitis infections so that they...

Key Essentials for choosing a good Cancer Research Hospital

18 Oct 20160
Choosing an appropriate hospital for cancer treatment can sometimes be tricky. The following gives some essential advice on this concern. A diagnosis that reveals cancer is certainly not a good news for the patient. It is, however, also not the end of the world for him or her, if the disease is spotted early on. Once the problem has been ascertained, the solution is not too far. The patient or someone close to him/her just has to choose a suitable place for treatment and then the doctors will take care of the rest until the patient recovers completely. Getting the best possible medical facilities is a top priority in cancer treatment, which is why anyone diagnosed with the disease first searches for the best cancer hospital in his/her city. The decision may seem easy but it is not, especially when there are multiple cancer treatment centers each of which have a reasonably good reputation. Furthermore, you also need to go to the best doctors after you zero in on a suitable cancer hospital. Here are some considerations to keep in mind while choosing a hospital for cancer treatment: World-Class Cancer Care Facilities Anyone diagnosed with cancer has plenty of things to be concerned about. Needless...
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